Sunday, July 24, 2016

Nofo ma'u i hihifo

Everyone seems to think I will be staying in my area forever because 3 companions of mine have come and gone in this area, but i don't mind :) i love my area, and I am happy I stayed. Being companions with Sister Betteridge is great! we went to the storage unit in Liahona today to grab my old shoes so she can run with me this week! She left her shoes in 'Eua on accident. 
I have a good feeling about the upcoming week. we have lots of good appointments already set up, and we are having stake conference!! i expect a lot of investigators will come... for some reason it is easy for them to say yes to an invite to a conference, but normal church is a NO WAY! ugh... anyway, highlights of the last week:
1. Sina Loni's baptism!! She really did not like the church about 2 months ago. She was strong in the Wesleyan Church, and for a long time I thought she would NEVER open up to us! but, miracles happen :) she gave a powerful, faithfilled testimony after her baptism, and even though her mother is angry with her for getting baptized, she believes and knows it is the right thing to do, and she is looking forward to going to the temple as soon as possible. 
2. We have a new investigator named Ema who is very promising. We are teaching her again tomorrow. Her sister just passed away suddenly and she really likes what we have taught her about the plan of salvation. 
3. We FINALLY taught a guy names 'Uasi this week. We have been trying to teach him for months!! it was really good. He accepted the invitation to come and see the temple with us. His wife is a return missionary, but he has never really opened his heart to learning about the gospel before.

I don't have much time, so all i ask is that you all pray for these people to progress this week, and know that I love you all!!! <3

-Sister Bever

Us and out car washing helpers from earlier today!

sister betteridge and I jumping at the beach 

our cool scenic shot with the coral

our vahe! we played volleyball today at the beach! it wasn't allowed before but now it is :)

Sina Loni got baptized!! and her new husband who was less active was able to baptize her! he was wearing sunglasses in the picture because he was in a rugby game earlier that day and got hit and had a HUGE swollen black eye.

Sister Mo'unga and I on our last day before she went to 'Eua. we are at the beach but you can't tell, because that is the gross swampy side of the island.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

fetongi palesiteni, fetongi hoa

We met with the new mission president and his wife (Pres. and Sis. Tui'one) on Wednesday and Friday. They are adorable. I am excited to work with them. Yesterday, we were shocked with a call from the zone leaders saying that sister Mo'unga will be tranferring to 'Eua and I will be staying in Kolovai. Sister Mo'unga just got here, so we expected her to stay for sure. I am sad to see her go. She is an AMAZING missionary, and can't begin to list all i have learned from her. My new companion will be Sister Betteridge! A palangi sister from Washington! :) I took a class with her at BYU before the mission, so we are already friends! She came in to the mission with Sister Mo'unga, and I have heard great things about her in her missionary service. I am excited to work with her.
I definitely witnessed a miracle this week. I don't have time to explain the whole thing, but lets just say we somehow got permission to drive into town to look for an old investigator. We had no phone number, no contact for 2 months, and a vague idea of where she lived. We found her after 5 minutes of looking and praying in perfect 20 minute window of free time that she had all week. The Lord guides this work., and he guides each of us when we make sacrifices to be closer to him. I know it. 

Invite him more into your life this week. He is always a prayer away :) 

-Sister Bever

1st- my favorite coconut tree field that we drive by on the way to liahona

2nd- viloahoa again with sis. emch and sis. faux as they visited the island from vava'u for our meeting.

3rd- my cute companion opening a coconut with our kitchen knife so i could drink it! 

4th- the new mission president, his wife, and all the sister training leaders and zone leaders.