Monday, December 19, 2016

People, it really is "The Other Side of Heaven"

These past two weeks, I experienced some things that most people spend their whole lives waiting for.
1. My companion and I joined our mission pres and local members on a LONG boat journey (i didn't even throw up!! but oh man, over 24 hrs on a small boat in the ocean is not fun...) to the remote Island of Niua for their district conference. We were even able to sing for the people there together with the APs. I will write about all the miracles later because I have 3 minutes. Just imagine them from the pictures <3.
2. I was a race car driver when we had to emergency rush a sister to the hospital who came by plane from another island and the ambulance didn't show up... ugh... Tonga.
3. I witnessed a baby healed by the power of the Priesthood.
That's all i have time for. This is the true Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!!! <3

-Sister Bever

p.s. the island with the beautiful water is the little island where John Groberg went to pray and learn the Language. It's a lot bigger than in the movie. 
Sister Emily Bever

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

Monday, December 5, 2016


Dear Everyone,

I wish I had more time to write, but I don't. This week we had a privilege of going on the mission tour with Elder and Sister Haleck, President and Sister Tui'one, and the APs. We had meetings all week on Tongatapu, Ha'apai, and Vava'u! Even though each trip was very short, less than a day, we were able to see some beautiful sights, but more importantly, i don't know why I am so blessed, but we got 5x the counsel and instruction from the pacific area president. I learned soooo much, but maybe the biggest thing i learned is that the church of Jesus Christ and his gospel unites everyone. If I want to do something to bring the most unity and peace to the world, I should simply serve faithfully in the church for the rest of my life. My commitment to all of us this week is to fulfill our callings to the best of our ability. This really is the kingdom of God on the Earth, the sooner we decide to be all in, the better. 

Love you all, and I am so sorry to be out of time again,
Have a wonderful week and #sharethelight where ever you are!!

Sister Emily Bever

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

vava'u harbour. BEAUTIFUL. The pictures do not do it justice

quick self with my gorgeous comp in the car which is where we spend too much time driving all over the place.

We had a ward activity for missionary work in our english ward and so that was the table by the door before we got the table cloth

my comp and the area president, Elder Haleck, who came for our mission tour.

an adorable baby of a family in our english ward. The kids are all half tongan. Their mom is from spokane washington and their dad is tongan.

Friday, October 21, 2016

'Eua, exchanges, and meetings

This week was busy, but fun,and rewarding! We dealt with a few problems with the sisters (sicknesses, companion relationships, etc) this week. We went to 'Eua this week for just a day... the plane ride was 7 whole minutes! they claim its the shortest commercial flight in the world. 'Eua is really beautiful. It reminds me of an island version of molalla.... hahah there are a lot of trees there, so a lot of logging is done, and it's all just pretty rural. the "city" doesn't even have paved roads. I attached a few pictures. We did an exchange with some sisters there, and although they are facing many challenges in their areas, I know the Lord will bless them if they continue to use their time wisely. I am sooo happy to see when the sisters change their hearts and renew their desire to serve with all their heart, might, mind, and strength. It's kind of the same feeling i have when an investigator accepts the commitments we give them. Oh, speaking of  investigators, we taught Finau again this week and he is still working towards the 29th! Next week! He keeps his commitments, and I have a lot of faith that his baptism will happen, even if he is not yet 100% sure. 
One more experience with an investigator that I want to share--
Russel- He is a student at Liahona who is not a member. He is a very smart, good kid. We taught him during his seminary class the other day. He had been asking his teaching for a week for us to come, so he was just so prepared! We asked him questions and tried to teach him according to his needs, and it ended up being one of the best lessons we have had in a while. His friend, another Liahona student-member was there ( a 14-15 yr old boy), and he shared a powerful experience and testimony on the power of prayer, and the cute boy cried as he asked his buddy to accept the invitation to be baptized once he gets the answer to his prayers. We committed him to be baptized in the 5th of November, so we will work towards that date. He is currently reading the Book of Mormon.

Out of time.... but, I love you all. Look for a miracle in every day and I promise you will find one.

Sister Emily Bever

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lele holo 'i Tonga

Well, this was a wonderful , LONG week. We had many meetings, teachings, a baptism, exchanges, a flight scheduled and cancelled to go to 'Eua, too much to share all of it, but most importantly, I love this work.
With the short time i have, i will only share the most important things. We went to the temple on Thursday as part of our mission leadership conference. While there, i learned the importance of reporting everything to the Lord. I honestly hate reporting all of the numbers each night during planning (lessons taught, etc...) because i hate not meeting goals and I am too competitive, but it is IMPORTANT. When ever anyone does something on behalf of the Lord, that work needs to be reported to him. EVERYTHING missionaries do is done on the Lord's time. on his behalf, so it all needs to be reported. I really realized this week that I am on his clock and it is ticking by very fast, so from now on i will gladly report what i do on the Lord's time to help me remember how precious it is.  
I also learned an important lesson of humility this week. We were teaching our investigator named Finau and my companion and I were getting a little frustrated with him because he would never keep our reading assignments to find answers to his questions, he would just want to go ask someone who knows the bible- like a minister for another church... but we were deeply humbled after exercising some patience and listening closely to his answers... he can't read. he is in his mid- 50's and he is illiterate. We had a great lesson with him after that where we read carefully to him and he listened to us from the Book of Mormon. I felt how much Heavenly Father loves him even though he is stubborn and he can't read. He will be given a way to discover the truth of the gospel because this gospel is for EVERYONE. Finau told me at the end of the lesson that he feels like he is starting to believe the Book of Mormon. He still has a baptism date for the 29th of this month. 
I am out of time. I love you all very much, so I am inviting you all to take part in receiving the greatest blessings I have ever known. Share the gospel with everyone. It will bring you and them more happiness than anything else.
'Til Next week,

Sister Bever

I made a cake on Pday for Kalolo (investigator from Kolovai) because he finally got married to his girlfriend! I promised them a long time ago I would make them a cake... and we went to give it to them. Kalolo's mom now has a baptism date!

Sister Wunderlich went home. last picture of my and my trainer in Tonga.

We had a sweet MLC at the hotel by the airport! We tried to talk to all the hotel guests about the gospel. found an Australian Triathalon family, and a New Zealand traveling band. Good times.

Sister Fullmer from Maryland. One of the last palangi Sisters who cam after me

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 1 in Matangiake

too much to write in one email. On monday i left Kolovai and left my little daughter, Sister Ramsay, and I came here to the office in Matangiake (Liahona). I have spent most days running around, dropping people off, picking people up, and fitting in a few teaching appointments here  and there. Who knew I would drive more on my mission in TONGA than I did at home?? 
I guess we are the Sister Supervisor training leaders or something. We get to do lots of excahnges and I guess half of my work now is toward the missionaries instead of the investigators.... indirectly helping investigators. We have two wards that we also serve in here. Matangiake and Liahona1. THe Liahona ward is an English ward which is definetly wierd. My companion promised to help me not to lose my Tongan, which i will really need to work for. She is Tongan from Tonga and New Zealand. English is her second language, so I am helping her with English too since she is more nervous to teach in English than I am to teach in Tongan. 
Fun fact- There is not a single non-member in the wards we serve in. There are 4 inactives, and that's it. Although, we do have 2 investigators who are fellowshipped by someone in our ward and we are working on encouraging the members more to invite their friends to hear the gospel in their homes, even if they don't live in Liahona. 
Finau- an older Catholic man who is making great progress...
Peni- another older man who has a baptism date for this next week!! 

Please pray for them :)
Apparently we will have opportunities in this new assignment to travel to the other islands!! Woohoo! I'll give more updates on that later, anyway, i attached a picture of my daughter and my granddaughter (Sister Petersen) and I in matching purple dresses. The other picture is of my comp and I driving all over the island. She is hilarious :)

Okay, out of time.
<3 Ofa Atu
Sister Emily Bever

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

a picture of my daughter and my granddaughter (Sister Petersen) and I in matching purple dresses.

my comp and I driving all over the island. She is hilarious :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I finally got transferred!!

I loved my last area, but I had been there for a while, and although I am sad to leave my aborable, amazing trainee (sister Ramsay), I am excited to go where the Lord has called me, and unexpectedly, he has called me to serve in the office in Liahona-- as a sister Trainer to all the sisters in the Mission... ahhh!! I love my new companion as well, Sister Paletu'a, from New Zealand. 
I don't have a lot of time today either, but I think I'll be able to email again on Saturday because my new p-day will be Saturday. I have no idea what this new job entails, but I have a feeling that I will be here in Liahona until I am done with my mission. I will send more updates on Saturday. My old companion will be training a new sister after being here for just 6 wks herself. She is really nervous, but I know she will be GREAT. She will be training a Sister who I think is half-Tongan coming from Utah. 
Dad, I will ask around about Sister Hafoka's family since I am here now in Liahona. I am so excited to here about everyone's progress, especially Mom and Dad's missionary work in the old Molalla River Ward, and Ethan qualifying for the Boston Marathon!!! I have the best family and friends. 
Theme of the week- 1 Nephi 3:7. I know that scripture is used a lot, but it is sooo good! :) 

Ofa Lahi Atu,

Sister Bever

p.s. Kalolo's Mom, Fapiola, came to church again :) I know she will get baptized.

Monday, September 26, 2016

no time, sorry.

Here is a scripture for everyone and here are some pictures. thanks mom for the cute little package :). Moroni 10:32 (Book of Mormon)
p.s. the green thing is guava

Sister Emily Bever

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Lord works in mysterious ways

This weeks email is just going to be a collection of stories to show how the Lord is working in all kinds of ways here in Kolovai and Fo'ui :) 
- I think last week I mentioned that we planned to teach an English class... yeah we announced it and invited tons of people, but no one showed up. Surprise. It ended up being a blessing though, because we didn't have time to eat that day, so we got our food, sat in the empty classroom, and ate. BUT the other blessing is that we were able to go a little early to our next teaching for that night- a lady named Siueli who is an inactive member because her husband is from a different church and he won't let her go back to church, but she really wants to anyway and she wants her kids to have the gospel. None of her 4 kids are baptized. So, we went to her house and started teaching her and 3 of her kids, and all of a sudden all these people start coming into the house and sitting down to join us! They were all non-members, and I think they were just coming to visit Siueli, but they got a lesson with the sisters as a bonus! Even though none of them want to become investigators, I think their hearts were softened by that little experience. 
- Thursday, we did an exchange with the sisters in our Zone, so I got to be companions with Sister Emch again! Remember?  My blonde companion from Navutoka? Anyway, it was fun. BUT, the best part was thursday evening when non of my plans worked out, and after going to the plan C, i looked across the street and saw a house I had never been to. we were like 10 ft from the door when I felt like i should back up, go behind the nearby bush, and say a prayer first. so we did that. I just asked that we would have a good experience by going to this house. We went to the door, some little kid ran away to hide and tell his mom to get the door, and then i was surprised by the happy voice and the face I saw- Fusi. First of all, fusi is cousins with the bishop and does not like the church, but that night she felt differently about us... why? because about 2 months ago, she was trimming a lot of bushes all by herself and sister mo'unga and I stopped to help her. She did not accept our help, but we ignored her and did it anyway. We talked to her about her family that day, but did not invite her to be taught. I always wondered if I would ever have a chance to teach her, but I never saw her again until that night. We talked with her for a while about her home and her upbringing and she shared with us about her mother who recently passed away. We shared a part  of the Plan of Salvation with her, and I know she felt the spirit. She didn't accept another set appointment, but she said we can come over anytime :) I am thankful for that answered prayer, and for that random opportunity for service all those weeks ago.
- Saturday, we were also contacting another back up plan, and the 2 girls in the house were asleep. We didn't want to wake them up,so we turned to leave, but just then, the dogs saw us and came running! Lots of dogs here really bite... so we were kinda scared. Instead of running to our car parked nearby, we both decided to run into the house even though we were sure they were non-members, and they were sleeping. So we did, and we woke them up, and they weren't mad, and one of them was a member, and we escaped the dogs! :) We ended up teaching the other girl (non-member) and getting a new investigator :) We will teach her again the week.
Last story. we met this palangi dude on the road on Saturday. He was walking from one of the resorts at the beach. He is from Israel. We chatted for a bit and he told us he wants to go to church on Sunday, so we invited him to our ward. Then he said how he wanted to experience real Tongan life and food, so we invited him to have dinner with us at our members house on Sunday. He didn't come to church. But, to my surprise, we got a call from him on Sunday, and he and his girlfriend were able to join us for our meal at our member's home. We taught them a quick little message in English and Tongan, so everyone could understand, and then we ate and talked with them about the church and about missionary work. They were fascinated. They loved the experience, and even though they will go back to their country this week, I know a seed was planted. 
Last thing- Kalolo (our new convert) usually gets a ride from his sister to church, but she went to vava'u for vacation. We asked his sister's husband to please give him a ride. He forgot. Kalolo walked more than 30 minutes to get to church because he really wanted to sacrament. True conversion. The end. Love you all. Have a terrific week!! 
-Sister Bever
P.s. i trimmed my hair on the full moon day to make it grow longer... all the Tongans swear it works.

Sister Emily Bever

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

P.s. i trimmed my hair on the full moon day to make it grow longer... all the Tongans swear it works.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Lose yourself in the work.

Reflections from this week:
I found out I would be training on Sunday, and since then, I have focused on making sure I am exactly obedient, because maybe I don't always know the right thing to say or the right thing to do to be the best trainer/ missionary ever, but the Lord does. I need to be obedient to have his spirit guiding me all the time. I have also made it my goal to witness a real miracle every day, and I happened!
Here is one of the miracles from this week-
On Tuesday, we went to visit this man who we taught before, and even though he seemed hard-hearted, he agreed to have us come back at a set day and time. We went back, and he wasn't there... surprise, surprise. BUT, his wife was there, and I heard she was a member before she married, but I never got the chance to talk to her. She wasn't that welcoming, but we just started talking to her on her porch. I was doing a lot of talking just trying to be friendly and get her to open up... and we talked about the Book of Mormon, but the conversation was pretty one sided... then I just stopped talking realizing I was wasting breath and the spirit gave me the words I needed. I said: "can I ask you one last question?" she said yes. then I said: "Do you believe?" and even though that was no creative question, it was what she needed to hear. She paused for a long time. I thought she wasn't going to answer, but then she opened her mouth and began sharing with us all about her life and her faith and how she really does want to come back to the church and she will encourage her husband to continue speaking with us. 
This was just one tiny miracle I experienced this week, and to some of you who read it, it may seem like nothing special, but I KNOW sometimes the simplest moments and the simplest words change hearts. That's what we are all about in this missionary work- changing hearts to turn to Christ.
I love you all, have a week full or miracles and I will do the same. Stay tuned for next week <3.

-Sister Bever 

Me and my new, fresh-from-the-MTC companion!!! Her name is Sister Ramsay. I know she looks palangi and her name is Palangi, but she is actually Tongan! born and raised. She is amazing!!!! She is sooo prepared. She was like the valedictorian for Liahona High School, and the student body president, and she studied at BYU Hawaii for two years before coming on a mission. I learn a lot from her, and I am humbled that the Lord chose me to be her first companion.

burning something on my 1 year mark! I guess its a thing and an old companion left me with a bag of old clothes that I needed to get rid of anyway... 

the consequence of following a dumb tradition... apparently the fabric is not organic at all, so it left this black sticky stuff on the pavement. We have been spending 10 mintues each day scraping it off. 

transfer #5 in Kolovai and Fo'ui... and I'm training!!

Hello Everyone,
Yes, I am finally going to have a brand new missionary to train! I talked to someone at the office and apparently all the Americans are training the Tongan missionaries from Tonga, so I don't know who it is yet, but I think my little trainee will help me learn a lot. I have not yet been companions with a Tongan who completely grew up here. As long as she doesn't try to hold my hand and touch me 24/7, I'm gonna love it :) (yes, idk why they do it, but tongan girls are VERY touchy... Audrey is laughing at the irony of this right now as she reads). 
Honestly, i am shocked to know that I will be spending another 6 weeks here in this area. It's a great area, but i have been here for a while and mentally prepared to move on after almost 6 months here, but the Lord has other plans. My work is not yet finished here. There are people who still need me, so maybe i need to work a little harder in this area than I have before if I will ever get out of here... hahaha :).
This week I learned about the power of sacrifice. We are starting a program with our members here related to the meals we eat with them every day. It is a program our mission president suggested. The members are supposed to have someone at their home for us to teach when we come to eat- a less-active member, or a non-member. If there is no one there, we don't eat their food, we say a prayer and bless their family for preparing food, but we begin a fast instead. The program was just announced yesterday at church, and for the first time, i actually saw the members motivated! they we all checking their calendars and looking for people to invite! Tonight will be the first experience with the new program. lets hope we won't be fasting. I am excited about this program because A) i know it will really motivate the members, because lets be honest this country runs on food and making the missionaries go hungry is NOT okay... B) i think some of the missionaries around here might lose some weight ;) and C) i know that the Lord will bless us and the members with miracles because of our sacrifices. 
One other experience- we had to postpone a baptism because our investigator was still smoking and did not tell us, BUT Kalolo, our investigator, is coming along sooo well :) We taught him about tithing and fast offerings this week, and even though he is not baptized yet, I saw him dilligently filling out his tithing slip yesterday at church. He is committed to quit smoking in 5 days even though he has been smoking for YEARS... so we are praying for him, and i really believe his desire is strong enough, so i am not worried about his baptism happening next week. I guess I am excited to stay here and see more of the fruits from months and months of our efforts. 
Challenge for this week- sacrifice a little more of your time for the Lord. Call the ward mission leader, or talk to the missionaries in your ward and ask them how you can help..... then FOLLOW THROUGH. 
Love you all <3

-Sister Bever

a picture from a resort where we had a zone pday activity last week. i just though it was pretty.

Sister Betteridge and I at the airport as she got ready to go to Vava'u. I guess Tonga couldn't handle the twins for too long.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Not much time, but here is a thought :)

No time to write another email, but this is a message i wrote to a friend this week, maybe it will help you all too. name has been changed. ooh and a few pictures attached... random one of our house.

Dear Jane,

I ran out of time last week and i have been pondering for the last 7 days over what i would say to you in reply to your email, and i pray that the spirit has guided my thoughts. 
I know this is a dark time for you, where you are tired of waiting miserably for things to get better, especially when they only seem to be getting worse. My thoughts go straight to another person in the scriptures who felt very much like you at a dark time in his life. Joseph Smith. While he stayed in Liberty Jail, he received revelation for sections 121-123 in the Doctrine and Covenants. I encourage you to read 122:7 and apply it to yourself. There is a phrase used in that verse that is used in almost identical wording 4 times in the scriptures- "all things shall work together for your good." (for more enlightenment on the subject, see Neil F. Marriott's coference talk from Oct. 2015.) Heavenly Father promises you and me and all of us, that ALL THINGS, the good/bad/everything in-between will work together for our good. Heavenly Father DOES NOT say it will all be good NOW, or next week, but he does say it will, in the future, be good for us. He knows exactly how strong you are. Honestly, sometimes when i am really challenged with disappointing weeks in the mission field, i take them as a compliment from Heavenly Father. If he gives you something really hard, it just means that there is great spiritual strength inside of you that will be accessed as you endure your trial well by combining your best effort with the Lord's power. In verse 9 of the same section, the Lord says, "for God shall be with you forever and ever." Turn to him through heartfelt prayer/ scripture study and look for ways to serve others every day, and this dark time will pass with the blink of an eye. It won't be like this for long. The sun always rises. Even after the darkest nights. Here is a picture of a sunrise a few days ago. I took it from my little missionary house. I hope it brightens your life a little. 
I hope you know that I love you and you will continue to be in my prayers for the weeks to come. Keep me updated on how you are doing. 

Love you always,

Sister Bever

Another Beautiful Sunset!

Emily's Remodeled Missionary Quarters

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Nofo ma'u i hihifo

Everyone seems to think I will be staying in my area forever because 3 companions of mine have come and gone in this area, but i don't mind :) i love my area, and I am happy I stayed. Being companions with Sister Betteridge is great! we went to the storage unit in Liahona today to grab my old shoes so she can run with me this week! She left her shoes in 'Eua on accident. 
I have a good feeling about the upcoming week. we have lots of good appointments already set up, and we are having stake conference!! i expect a lot of investigators will come... for some reason it is easy for them to say yes to an invite to a conference, but normal church is a NO WAY! ugh... anyway, highlights of the last week:
1. Sina Loni's baptism!! She really did not like the church about 2 months ago. She was strong in the Wesleyan Church, and for a long time I thought she would NEVER open up to us! but, miracles happen :) she gave a powerful, faithfilled testimony after her baptism, and even though her mother is angry with her for getting baptized, she believes and knows it is the right thing to do, and she is looking forward to going to the temple as soon as possible. 
2. We have a new investigator named Ema who is very promising. We are teaching her again tomorrow. Her sister just passed away suddenly and she really likes what we have taught her about the plan of salvation. 
3. We FINALLY taught a guy names 'Uasi this week. We have been trying to teach him for months!! it was really good. He accepted the invitation to come and see the temple with us. His wife is a return missionary, but he has never really opened his heart to learning about the gospel before.

I don't have much time, so all i ask is that you all pray for these people to progress this week, and know that I love you all!!! <3

-Sister Bever

Us and out car washing helpers from earlier today!

sister betteridge and I jumping at the beach 

our cool scenic shot with the coral

our vahe! we played volleyball today at the beach! it wasn't allowed before but now it is :)

Sina Loni got baptized!! and her new husband who was less active was able to baptize her! he was wearing sunglasses in the picture because he was in a rugby game earlier that day and got hit and had a HUGE swollen black eye.

Sister Mo'unga and I on our last day before she went to 'Eua. we are at the beach but you can't tell, because that is the gross swampy side of the island.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

fetongi palesiteni, fetongi hoa

We met with the new mission president and his wife (Pres. and Sis. Tui'one) on Wednesday and Friday. They are adorable. I am excited to work with them. Yesterday, we were shocked with a call from the zone leaders saying that sister Mo'unga will be tranferring to 'Eua and I will be staying in Kolovai. Sister Mo'unga just got here, so we expected her to stay for sure. I am sad to see her go. She is an AMAZING missionary, and can't begin to list all i have learned from her. My new companion will be Sister Betteridge! A palangi sister from Washington! :) I took a class with her at BYU before the mission, so we are already friends! She came in to the mission with Sister Mo'unga, and I have heard great things about her in her missionary service. I am excited to work with her.
I definitely witnessed a miracle this week. I don't have time to explain the whole thing, but lets just say we somehow got permission to drive into town to look for an old investigator. We had no phone number, no contact for 2 months, and a vague idea of where she lived. We found her after 5 minutes of looking and praying in perfect 20 minute window of free time that she had all week. The Lord guides this work., and he guides each of us when we make sacrifices to be closer to him. I know it. 

Invite him more into your life this week. He is always a prayer away :) 

-Sister Bever

1st- my favorite coconut tree field that we drive by on the way to liahona

2nd- viloahoa again with sis. emch and sis. faux as they visited the island from vava'u for our meeting.

3rd- my cute companion opening a coconut with our kitchen knife so i could drink it! 

4th- the new mission president, his wife, and all the sister training leaders and zone leaders.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Goodbye President Tupou :'(

Hello Everyone,

Yes, this week my mission president finishes his 3 year service. He and his wife have been such a tremendous blessing to this entire country, as well as hundreds of missionaries from around the world who they have been able to influence since 2013-- me included. Our new mission president will be President Tui'one. He is from New Zealand, but of course he is Tongan, and I have heard lots of great things about him. I know only greater things are instore for this amazing little dot on the map of a country. God loves these people SO much. I spent too much time writing individual emails again, so I am out of time. just one update though, we have two new promising investigators in Fo'ui! yes fo'ui! The land of no investigators! and we have 2 new ones! We will teach them both tonight :) prayers are appreciated thanks :)

Ofa LAHI atu.

-Sister Bever

This is the table in our cute little temporary home in Liahona! Our Kolovai home was supposed to be worked on this week, butt hey haven't even started yet, so we will probably be in liahona for another week-- i have no complaints. It has been a dream come true to finally have a good place to study!

One of these is a creepy house that we walked by in our area. i dont think anyone lives in it, but it looks like the scene for a horror movie. 

the other is a picture of me! yes! driving! I drive now because my companion does not have a license. 

The last meeting we had with President and Sister Tupou

Us and Moala---aka the best ward missionary EVER!

Our planning session last week at the beach-- looks a lot more glamorous than it is. Lots of bugs, spider webs, its hot, and sand gets everywhere. BUT look at the view! Inspiring.

This is from a time we went to another area on exchanges and they happen to live at the house of one of the area 70's and this is his dock in the back yard. This is the sunrise right after we exercised

me eating a delicious pineapple turnover that was brought to us because one of the couples that works in Liahona was so impressed with us that we actually washed our car! 

The other is of my comp and I outside the mission office in Liahona. YES we are still staying in the nice little apartment next to the office because the construction on our house is not done yet, but I'll take the washing machine even if we have to drive farther.