Monday, September 19, 2016

The Lord works in mysterious ways

This weeks email is just going to be a collection of stories to show how the Lord is working in all kinds of ways here in Kolovai and Fo'ui :) 
- I think last week I mentioned that we planned to teach an English class... yeah we announced it and invited tons of people, but no one showed up. Surprise. It ended up being a blessing though, because we didn't have time to eat that day, so we got our food, sat in the empty classroom, and ate. BUT the other blessing is that we were able to go a little early to our next teaching for that night- a lady named Siueli who is an inactive member because her husband is from a different church and he won't let her go back to church, but she really wants to anyway and she wants her kids to have the gospel. None of her 4 kids are baptized. So, we went to her house and started teaching her and 3 of her kids, and all of a sudden all these people start coming into the house and sitting down to join us! They were all non-members, and I think they were just coming to visit Siueli, but they got a lesson with the sisters as a bonus! Even though none of them want to become investigators, I think their hearts were softened by that little experience. 
- Thursday, we did an exchange with the sisters in our Zone, so I got to be companions with Sister Emch again! Remember?  My blonde companion from Navutoka? Anyway, it was fun. BUT, the best part was thursday evening when non of my plans worked out, and after going to the plan C, i looked across the street and saw a house I had never been to. we were like 10 ft from the door when I felt like i should back up, go behind the nearby bush, and say a prayer first. so we did that. I just asked that we would have a good experience by going to this house. We went to the door, some little kid ran away to hide and tell his mom to get the door, and then i was surprised by the happy voice and the face I saw- Fusi. First of all, fusi is cousins with the bishop and does not like the church, but that night she felt differently about us... why? because about 2 months ago, she was trimming a lot of bushes all by herself and sister mo'unga and I stopped to help her. She did not accept our help, but we ignored her and did it anyway. We talked to her about her family that day, but did not invite her to be taught. I always wondered if I would ever have a chance to teach her, but I never saw her again until that night. We talked with her for a while about her home and her upbringing and she shared with us about her mother who recently passed away. We shared a part  of the Plan of Salvation with her, and I know she felt the spirit. She didn't accept another set appointment, but she said we can come over anytime :) I am thankful for that answered prayer, and for that random opportunity for service all those weeks ago.
- Saturday, we were also contacting another back up plan, and the 2 girls in the house were asleep. We didn't want to wake them up,so we turned to leave, but just then, the dogs saw us and came running! Lots of dogs here really bite... so we were kinda scared. Instead of running to our car parked nearby, we both decided to run into the house even though we were sure they were non-members, and they were sleeping. So we did, and we woke them up, and they weren't mad, and one of them was a member, and we escaped the dogs! :) We ended up teaching the other girl (non-member) and getting a new investigator :) We will teach her again the week.
Last story. we met this palangi dude on the road on Saturday. He was walking from one of the resorts at the beach. He is from Israel. We chatted for a bit and he told us he wants to go to church on Sunday, so we invited him to our ward. Then he said how he wanted to experience real Tongan life and food, so we invited him to have dinner with us at our members house on Sunday. He didn't come to church. But, to my surprise, we got a call from him on Sunday, and he and his girlfriend were able to join us for our meal at our member's home. We taught them a quick little message in English and Tongan, so everyone could understand, and then we ate and talked with them about the church and about missionary work. They were fascinated. They loved the experience, and even though they will go back to their country this week, I know a seed was planted. 
Last thing- Kalolo (our new convert) usually gets a ride from his sister to church, but she went to vava'u for vacation. We asked his sister's husband to please give him a ride. He forgot. Kalolo walked more than 30 minutes to get to church because he really wanted to sacrament. True conversion. The end. Love you all. Have a terrific week!! 
-Sister Bever
P.s. i trimmed my hair on the full moon day to make it grow longer... all the Tongans swear it works.

Sister Emily Bever

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

P.s. i trimmed my hair on the full moon day to make it grow longer... all the Tongans swear it works.

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