Monday, August 29, 2016

Lose yourself in the work.

Reflections from this week:
I found out I would be training on Sunday, and since then, I have focused on making sure I am exactly obedient, because maybe I don't always know the right thing to say or the right thing to do to be the best trainer/ missionary ever, but the Lord does. I need to be obedient to have his spirit guiding me all the time. I have also made it my goal to witness a real miracle every day, and I happened!
Here is one of the miracles from this week-
On Tuesday, we went to visit this man who we taught before, and even though he seemed hard-hearted, he agreed to have us come back at a set day and time. We went back, and he wasn't there... surprise, surprise. BUT, his wife was there, and I heard she was a member before she married, but I never got the chance to talk to her. She wasn't that welcoming, but we just started talking to her on her porch. I was doing a lot of talking just trying to be friendly and get her to open up... and we talked about the Book of Mormon, but the conversation was pretty one sided... then I just stopped talking realizing I was wasting breath and the spirit gave me the words I needed. I said: "can I ask you one last question?" she said yes. then I said: "Do you believe?" and even though that was no creative question, it was what she needed to hear. She paused for a long time. I thought she wasn't going to answer, but then she opened her mouth and began sharing with us all about her life and her faith and how she really does want to come back to the church and she will encourage her husband to continue speaking with us. 
This was just one tiny miracle I experienced this week, and to some of you who read it, it may seem like nothing special, but I KNOW sometimes the simplest moments and the simplest words change hearts. That's what we are all about in this missionary work- changing hearts to turn to Christ.
I love you all, have a week full or miracles and I will do the same. Stay tuned for next week <3.

-Sister Bever 

Me and my new, fresh-from-the-MTC companion!!! Her name is Sister Ramsay. I know she looks palangi and her name is Palangi, but she is actually Tongan! born and raised. She is amazing!!!! She is sooo prepared. She was like the valedictorian for Liahona High School, and the student body president, and she studied at BYU Hawaii for two years before coming on a mission. I learn a lot from her, and I am humbled that the Lord chose me to be her first companion.

burning something on my 1 year mark! I guess its a thing and an old companion left me with a bag of old clothes that I needed to get rid of anyway... 

the consequence of following a dumb tradition... apparently the fabric is not organic at all, so it left this black sticky stuff on the pavement. We have been spending 10 mintues each day scraping it off. 

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