Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Not much time, but here is a thought :)

No time to write another email, but this is a message i wrote to a friend this week, maybe it will help you all too. name has been changed. ooh and a few pictures attached... random one of our house.

Dear Jane,

I ran out of time last week and i have been pondering for the last 7 days over what i would say to you in reply to your email, and i pray that the spirit has guided my thoughts. 
I know this is a dark time for you, where you are tired of waiting miserably for things to get better, especially when they only seem to be getting worse. My thoughts go straight to another person in the scriptures who felt very much like you at a dark time in his life. Joseph Smith. While he stayed in Liberty Jail, he received revelation for sections 121-123 in the Doctrine and Covenants. I encourage you to read 122:7 and apply it to yourself. There is a phrase used in that verse that is used in almost identical wording 4 times in the scriptures- "all things shall work together for your good." (for more enlightenment on the subject, see Neil F. Marriott's coference talk from Oct. 2015.) Heavenly Father promises you and me and all of us, that ALL THINGS, the good/bad/everything in-between will work together for our good. Heavenly Father DOES NOT say it will all be good NOW, or next week, but he does say it will, in the future, be good for us. He knows exactly how strong you are. Honestly, sometimes when i am really challenged with disappointing weeks in the mission field, i take them as a compliment from Heavenly Father. If he gives you something really hard, it just means that there is great spiritual strength inside of you that will be accessed as you endure your trial well by combining your best effort with the Lord's power. In verse 9 of the same section, the Lord says, "for God shall be with you forever and ever." Turn to him through heartfelt prayer/ scripture study and look for ways to serve others every day, and this dark time will pass with the blink of an eye. It won't be like this for long. The sun always rises. Even after the darkest nights. Here is a picture of a sunrise a few days ago. I took it from my little missionary house. I hope it brightens your life a little. 
I hope you know that I love you and you will continue to be in my prayers for the weeks to come. Keep me updated on how you are doing. 

Love you always,

Sister Bever

Another Beautiful Sunset!

Emily's Remodeled Missionary Quarters

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