Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lele holo 'i Tonga

Well, this was a wonderful , LONG week. We had many meetings, teachings, a baptism, exchanges, a flight scheduled and cancelled to go to 'Eua, too much to share all of it, but most importantly, I love this work.
With the short time i have, i will only share the most important things. We went to the temple on Thursday as part of our mission leadership conference. While there, i learned the importance of reporting everything to the Lord. I honestly hate reporting all of the numbers each night during planning (lessons taught, etc...) because i hate not meeting goals and I am too competitive, but it is IMPORTANT. When ever anyone does something on behalf of the Lord, that work needs to be reported to him. EVERYTHING missionaries do is done on the Lord's time. on his behalf, so it all needs to be reported. I really realized this week that I am on his clock and it is ticking by very fast, so from now on i will gladly report what i do on the Lord's time to help me remember how precious it is.  
I also learned an important lesson of humility this week. We were teaching our investigator named Finau and my companion and I were getting a little frustrated with him because he would never keep our reading assignments to find answers to his questions, he would just want to go ask someone who knows the bible- like a minister for another church... but we were deeply humbled after exercising some patience and listening closely to his answers... he can't read. he is in his mid- 50's and he is illiterate. We had a great lesson with him after that where we read carefully to him and he listened to us from the Book of Mormon. I felt how much Heavenly Father loves him even though he is stubborn and he can't read. He will be given a way to discover the truth of the gospel because this gospel is for EVERYONE. Finau told me at the end of the lesson that he feels like he is starting to believe the Book of Mormon. He still has a baptism date for the 29th of this month. 
I am out of time. I love you all very much, so I am inviting you all to take part in receiving the greatest blessings I have ever known. Share the gospel with everyone. It will bring you and them more happiness than anything else.
'Til Next week,

Sister Bever

I made a cake on Pday for Kalolo (investigator from Kolovai) because he finally got married to his girlfriend! I promised them a long time ago I would make them a cake... and we went to give it to them. Kalolo's mom now has a baptism date!

Sister Wunderlich went home. last picture of my and my trainer in Tonga.

We had a sweet MLC at the hotel by the airport! We tried to talk to all the hotel guests about the gospel. found an Australian Triathalon family, and a New Zealand traveling band. Good times.

Sister Fullmer from Maryland. One of the last palangi Sisters who cam after me

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