Monday, June 27, 2016

Goodbye President Tupou :'(

Hello Everyone,

Yes, this week my mission president finishes his 3 year service. He and his wife have been such a tremendous blessing to this entire country, as well as hundreds of missionaries from around the world who they have been able to influence since 2013-- me included. Our new mission president will be President Tui'one. He is from New Zealand, but of course he is Tongan, and I have heard lots of great things about him. I know only greater things are instore for this amazing little dot on the map of a country. God loves these people SO much. I spent too much time writing individual emails again, so I am out of time. just one update though, we have two new promising investigators in Fo'ui! yes fo'ui! The land of no investigators! and we have 2 new ones! We will teach them both tonight :) prayers are appreciated thanks :)

Ofa LAHI atu.

-Sister Bever

This is the table in our cute little temporary home in Liahona! Our Kolovai home was supposed to be worked on this week, butt hey haven't even started yet, so we will probably be in liahona for another week-- i have no complaints. It has been a dream come true to finally have a good place to study!

One of these is a creepy house that we walked by in our area. i dont think anyone lives in it, but it looks like the scene for a horror movie. 

the other is a picture of me! yes! driving! I drive now because my companion does not have a license. 

The last meeting we had with President and Sister Tupou

Us and Moala---aka the best ward missionary EVER!

Our planning session last week at the beach-- looks a lot more glamorous than it is. Lots of bugs, spider webs, its hot, and sand gets everywhere. BUT look at the view! Inspiring.

This is from a time we went to another area on exchanges and they happen to live at the house of one of the area 70's and this is his dock in the back yard. This is the sunrise right after we exercised

me eating a delicious pineapple turnover that was brought to us because one of the couples that works in Liahona was so impressed with us that we actually washed our car! 

The other is of my comp and I outside the mission office in Liahona. YES we are still staying in the nice little apartment next to the office because the construction on our house is not done yet, but I'll take the washing machine even if we have to drive farther. 

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