Monday, June 6, 2016

Sister Bever, LELE

This week has been a lot of lele (running), but not really the exercise kind. although i still try to do a little bit of that ever morning, my companion and I did a lot of running around all over the island in the car. Our little home in Kolovai is not finished with renovations yet, so we are still driving back and forth from Liahona every morning and night. We now have an adopted aunt and uncle in Liahona! One of the senior couples that stays one door over from us-- Elder and Sister Maumau (yes they are Tongan). It is great having them around because they always make sure we have food, but they don't care if we say no, and they are related to a lot of people in our area of Kolovai, so we have been able to get help from them with investigators! Other update- we had a musical fireside last night in Fo'ui, and yes, you guessed it. I sang. I sang "Be Still My Soul" and although it was in English (there is no tongan translation) i think everyone felt the spirit. I decided i will not sing publicly even in my life unless it the eternal salvation of other people could depend on it. so no, i will not be holding concerts when i get home. 
I don't have much time again this week, but i want to share about one experience we had this week. THere is a new family in Kolovai who moved into the ward from New Zealand. The dad is Tongan, and the Mom is Nauru (look it up.) The mom has been baptized, but the dad asked us to come talk to her briefly about the Book of Mormon. We decide one random day to just show up and see if she is home. not only was she home and free to talk, but the hour we pulled in to her house was the only time should happened to be home all week, and a last minute change in her plans allowed her to be available at that time. We talked to her for about an hour and found out that she was baptized, but never taught. and she doesn't like going to church because she doesn't understand very much tongan. She is part of some jewish/hebrew fellowship church, but she doesn't really understand that faith either. She and her two teenage girls are all in the same boat, so we have been able to visit her a few times and teach her the gospel, and i see lightbulbs going off in her head all over the place. Even if she Sina (that's her name) doesn't turn into a baptism because she is already baptized, i know the lord led us to her to help true conversion take place. that's pretty cool. the end. Love you all, have a fantastic week.

-Sister Bever

Sister Emily Bever

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

the last one is the table in our cute little temporary home in Liahona! Our Kolovai home was supposed to be worked on this week, butt hey haven't even started yet, so we will probably be in liahona for another week-- i have no complaints. It has been a dream come true to finally have a good place to study!

One of these is a creepy house that we walked by in our area. i dont think anyone lives in it, but it looks like the scene for a horror movie. 

the other is a picture of me! yes! driving! I drive now because my companion does not have a license. 

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