Sunday, May 22, 2016

Nobody's Fo'ui

Here is a little Tongan history for you related to the subject line and the area in which I currently serve- Fo'ui is a village in our area. The word means "fault" and there is a good story behind it. There once was a princess that liked to go swimming at the beaches of fo'ui, and when she came back from the beach a particular day, she climbed into her house -which was in a tree- and as the men of her family were about the leave, she asked them to make sure someone stayed at the bottom of the tree to guard her and keep her safe from crazy men. She was very beautiful. The men left and no one guarded the tree. While she slept, a man climbed up the tree and had his way with her. I know sorry, not missionary appropriate. BUT, when the father came back, she told him what happened and said-"Ko ho fo'ui." or "Your fault." Anyway, so now the village is named after that! Hah! Anway, the point I want to draw from the story is that sometimes bad things happen and we look for someone to blame, but especially in missionary work, it is important to look forward and move on. A lot of unfortunate things happened this week that were nobody's fo'ui, but through them, we were able to see miracles.
1. Sister Vete keeps getting migraines and we had to stay home for 2 days and we tried contacting tons of people to come vilohoa with us so i could go out and work, but they were all busy. Nobody's fo'ui. 
2. We were excited to have a baptism this week, but it fell through because the investigator totally believes, but got to the interview and said she doesn't want to get baptized because of the harassment she will get from other kids her age. We will keep working on her :) 
3. We went to a vilohoa with sisters who didn't seem to like us very much. Maybe a misunderstanding. Nobody's fo'ui. BUT after 24hrs with us, we became really good friends and their desire to work hard came alive again :)
4. Not many teachings went tthrough this week, but many members contacted us with names of friends and family that we will be teaching this week!

I could go on and on. But, the point is, don't be like the princess.  First of all, leave guards at the bottom of your dang treehouse, and second, don't dwell on blaming anyone for bad things that happen. See all the good to come. :) Love you All <3 

p.s. Transfers are this week so i'll let you know what happens, and fo'ui also has a place called umu tangata which means pit to cook men in. yeah gross. these people are totally lamanites from the book of mormon. oh and random pick of our old ward mission leader who just moved to AUST. :(.

Sister Emily Bever

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

random pick of our old ward mission leader who just moved to AUST. :(.

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