Saturday, January 14, 2017

meetings, mamalohis, and tender mercies

'E kimoutolu 'oku mou kei lau pe 'eku email,

This week was a good one, but like i expected, it went by very quickly. We had the pleasure to attend all five zone conferences from Monday to Friday here in Tonga, and this next week, we will leave on Monday to Ha'apai for their conference, and Wednesday for the Vava'u conference. We didn't get to teach many investigators this week with all of the meetings, and a funeral going on in Kahoua which all the members were involved in... but, we got to teach some less active members, and i just want to share one experience we had with a less active named Lolo. 
We taught his once last week after a dinner with a member family, and we challenged him to read the Book of Mormon every day for a week. He said he would do it, and the lesson ended up being pretty good, but yesterday we got to meet with him again and follow up. He began by saying, "well, i read the introduction..." and i was thinking- "ugh great he didn't even try. that is only one page..." but then we looked at his Book of Mormon and he when he said introduction, he meant everything in the book before 1st nephi begins, which actually comes out to be about 10 pages in the Tongan book. He is a young, single dad who works until dark every night and he actually did give it his best effort to read every day. when i realized this i felt bad for judging him, and thankful for the power of the Book of Mormon. This man has not been active for about 8-9 years but now he is determined to come to church on Sunday and continue reading from the Book of Mormon every day. I don't really know how to help these people, and i make a lot of mistakes in this work, but the good news is, the Lord is at the head of this work, and even though I can't, he can. And he has blessed us with The Book of Mormon. I have really gained a testimony of the power of that book. Like the words of Lolo's father- "I can't change my son, but The Book of Mormon can." 
If you need a change in your life right now, any change at all, I encourage you to follow  the example of Lolo and just see what will happen if you read from that book every day if you do not already. I promise that answers and help from heaven will come. 
I love you all, and i'll attach a few random pictures and a Mormon message that i love. :)

Don't forget to look for a miracle every day! Have a great week <3.

-Sister Bever   
1. random sunset photo
2. Our new cold/hot water dispenser!!! misiona tonga is getting fancy!!!
3. The package from MR ward!!! Thank you everyone!! <3
4. Our favorite ward mission leader, Beni, who is leaving to Vanuatu... :(
Sister Emily Bever

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

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