Monday, January 25, 2016

Fanga ki'i me'a iiki mo faingofua-- small and simple things

Today I am emailing a little later because we went to kolo (town) today!! We got fabric to make new tupenus and i got a new kafa (thing to tie the ta'ovala) because mine was made of yarn and that is just sad. We also got icecream cones :). BUT it was a huge blessing that we were able to do that today because it is SUPER hot today and we got to ride around in a car with AC and we did all our laundry in the morning when it was still cooler. Oh! and I also got a new kofu (dress) this week because Vika Kaufusi gave us fabric as a Christmas present and the sewing was finished this week! We wore our matching outfits yesterday and got a bazillion compliments. Hmmm... other updates from this week-- we are struggling to get baptisms to reach our goal, but i have faith that if we are doing our best, and I feel like i am REALLY trying, that the Lord will make up for all that we lack and provide a way. We had one baptism last week and we need 5 more for the month and we have 1 week. FAITH :).
 I have been thinking a lot this week about small and simple things. There is a scripture about it in Alma that I love.( btw we finished the 30 day challenge and now we are on a 60 day challenge to read the BOM... I am trying it in Tongan.) Oh yeah, so Alma 37:6-7. Look it up. It talks about how the Lord works through small and simple things to bring about his great and eternal purposes. This week i realized that sometime I feel like a VERY small and simple thing. We were contacted 2 new investigators on 2 different occasions, and sometimes people only speak at me because they are not sure how much Tongan mu comp knows, so we went to contact these 2 people and their families told us that they don't like us and they don't want us talking to anyone in their family. This has happened before, but sometimes it still gets to me because they are rejecting something that is so important to me and when their words are directed only at me it's also a little more personal... but the morale of the story is: I felt like a very small and simple thing in those moments, but God works best through small and simple things. he always has and always will. That is my testimony to you. If you put yourself in the Lord's hands, he can do great things with you know matter who you are or where you come from. I love you all!!!! Have a great week, and help your local missionaries :).

Sister Emily Bever

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

random china store- "fale koloa"

everyone thinks they should only give us soda because it is nicer than water, but neither of us are huge fans of the stuff, so we have a pretty stocked fridge! We find hard-working sweaty people outside to give it too :) we have lots of friends :)... if only they were all investigators!!!

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