Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The BEST is yet to come in 2016

Malo etau lava ae ta'uni!
Sounds like everyone's lives are resuming as normal after the holiday. Same here. kids here went back to school today. I was just full of gratitude this last week because there have been a few times when I have gotten a little discouraged and began to think there is NO ONE left in this little village to teach, but somehow, people have continued to come out of the cracks! I almost shed tears of joy yesterday because we worked sooo hard inviting people to church, and one of our wards which filled maybe 2 rows in the chapel last week, was almost full this week!! (although it's hard to tell because everyone tries to sit in the very back... Tongans... :) But, lots of VERY inactive people came and the whole ward was definitely excited. We also found a few promising new investigators this week. I know the Lord is watching out for us and answering prayers of faith. 
Other highlights for the week- sis. Emch got bit by a dog. they are gonna kill it. we might eat it. We had vilohoa with Sis. Reid and Vaa'i who came from Eua! It was sooo fun and one of Sister Vaa'i's relatives dropped off real pizza from the city! It was sooo good. Anyway, I'm out of time. Fav. Scripture of the week- Psalms 27:1. Sorry if i already used that one. I forgot.

Love Always,

Sista Piva

Tan Lines... Her poor feet!!

more tan lines

pizza from kolo!!!

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