Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tanaki lolo (Add oil)

Hello Everyone! And Happy Valentine's Day <3
To explain the subject line, we went on a vilohoa on Saturday with a sister who just returned from her mission in Hong Kong and she kept saying "add oil" as like a "go get 'em" type of encouragement phrase and I guess it is a missionary thing in a lot of other places in the world so I am picking it up because i just like it and there are like a bajillion analogies you can apply to it, so i'll leave it up to you all to think of one on your own. 
Yes, Tongans do celebrate Valentine's Day. Its not a big deal, but they know about it. Yesterday was V-day for us and our fafanga (meal) was a cute family of a man named Hame-- a widower whose wife died less than a year ago, but he just got remarried last week and his new wife is the cutest thing!! so loving! So I just appreciated the opportunity to see some cute (older) newly weds on Valentine's Day.  This last week was interesting. We were supposed to have a baptism saturday but it didn't work out because our investigator was busy all week trying to sell stuff in town and he didn't even come to church on Sunday! Ugh! I was disappointed, but then we taught him yesterday and he felt really bad for being so busy and we set up his new baptism date and he was probably the most sincere I have even seen him as we learned about the law of tithing. Other than that, many appointments fell through, but we also found many new investigators and lots of good things set up for this coming week! oooh one quick miracle... our most difficult investigator who can't get over something he read on the internet about Joseph Smith and plural marriage finally accepted a Book of Mormon and I know he'll read it because he loves to read, and anyway, I know the spirit was there in the lesson and I could totally see it working on him. Tui ki ai!!!! 
Anyway, spiritual thought for the week-- still trying to finish the BOM in Tongan! I'm in Alma, but last week I read a verse I loved in Mosiah 23. Verse 21- the people of Alma have been showing such great faith, they abandoned their old lives to join the church and just when they are finally prospering in peace, "Nevertheless, the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith." No fair, right? Well, that's kinda what I thought, but it just goes to show that hard things come for our good to make us more patient and more faithful, not just to punish us. I know the Lord does this to me all the time, but I am growing closer to him everyday as he does so. The good times are not as good with out the bad and we never become stronger until we know how it feels to be weak. Well, I'm out of time, but I love you all and keep the prayers coming :) <3

-Sista Piva

the first shrimp i have eaten that still had eyes! yummy all the same :)

the side of our house SOOO flooded. rained all day today.

Sister Emch wading through our yard today.

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