Monday, February 29, 2016

WOOHOO finally got an email out!

Sorry people, the internet at our chapel in Navutoka has been broken and today we went really quickly to the chapel in a different village so we could email. We are in a place called Nakolo which is the highest point on Tongatapu and it has a beautiful view of the Ocean from above. Updates-- Today I found out that I have lice! It's kind of a right of passage around here and not a huge deal. We are getting the lice shampoo and comb today. 
The Cyclone a week ago was pretty cool and it didn't really hit this island, but it was REALLy rainy and windy. I also felt an earthquake while I was sleeping! cool. 
After the cyclone, sister Emch and I got this aweful rash all over our bodies that itched really bad. 
Anyway, the power is going on and off here so I am just gonna hurry up ans send this. Sorry, not much time to write, but i'll explain everything next week!! Love you all very much!! Oh! And we had a baptism this last week for a 59 year old man named Nicki! It was pretty great and I felt the spirit strongly during the baptism. It looks like everything is going well at home. okay the end. Spiritual thought-- just read John 21 and REALLY ponder it and tell me what the spirit teaches you. OFA LAHI ATU. the REAL end.

-Sista Piva

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