Sunday, March 6, 2016

Do only What matters most!

Hello all,

It's been a while since I wrote a descent email, and I'm afraid this week might be another disappointment. As far as updates go, our convert from last week- Niki- is doing well, and after an exchange last week with the sisters from Veitongo, we are switching up our approach for working with the members and we hope to have TONS of success... we are very behind our mission goal in our companionship. 2/26 baptisms and we should be at 26 before June! Yeah! FAITH!
I was sick this last week-- nothing serious and it's all better now, but i realized something while I was sick. Elder Hales once said- "When you cannot do what you have always done, only do what matters most."... or something like that. Well, when I felt like I could not do much, I realized what matters most. Faith in Jesus Christ. When my faith in Jesus Christ is strong, everything is better because my attitude is better. A little experience-- Saturday, i still felt a little sick, but we were walking around and nothing seemed to be working out. We taught a so-so lesson and my comp asked me to say a gratitude prayer after. i did not want to. i did not feel like praying. i just stood there for a long time and waited. I finally said the prayer, but i know that day felt unsuccessful and i didn't want to pray because my faith was lacking. We strengthen our faith by prayer and thoughtful scripture study and by action. We need those things most in the times when we don't want them. 2Nephi 32:8-9 "And now, my beloved brethren, I perceive that yeponder still in your hearts; and it grieveth me that I mustspeak concerning this thing. For if ye would hearken untothe Spirit which teacheth a man to pray, ye would knowthat ye must pray; for the evil spirit teacheth not a man topray, but teacheth him that he must not pray. But behold, I say unto you that ye must pray always,and not faint; that ye must not perform any thing unto theLord save in the first place ye shall pray unto the Father inthe name of Christ, that he will consecrate thyperformance unto thee, that thy performance may be forthe welfare of thy soul." 
ALWAYS PRAY... it will only ever help. I love you all and I am out of time.

Ofa Atu,

Sista Piva

Sister Emily Bever

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission

Niki's baptism! :) its so hard for me to get them to take a picture when they are dressed in white... ugh. Oh well, that is sooo not important.

our rash which is now gone :)

Sister Emch's 4th birthday cake! tongans gotta love their cake!

here we have one of my many lice checks

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